The Eagles Perch
Make A New Adventure
The possibility for adventure is here and now. Put some in your life today.
Don’t settle for a day that’s just like the day before. Make the decision and make the effort to put some real adventure in it.
Get yourself in a position to experience life in a way you’ve never experienced it before. Do something that you can get excited and enthusiastic about, and that you can treasure for a long time to come.
You don’t have to travel to exotic places or get yourself in tight situations to enjoy a good adventure. Simply get a little bit outside your comfort zone, reminding yourself that you’re perfectly capable of enjoying new and different experiences.
A good adventure will deepen your appreciation for the life you’re so fortunate to have, and for the possibilities available to you. So step away from your comfortable routine and feel the thrill of a new and exciting challenge.
See today as an opportunity for adventure, and make that adventure happen. Make a new adventure, and add new richness to life.

Thanks Dr. Darrell Current, DDS for sharing.