This week of Thanksgiving 2014 is also a time to stop and give thanks for all of your business and personal associations which help drive your business in many ways.

My first email this morning was from a man who I consider to be my Brother and friend Anthony (Ant) Pruitt.  It was a recommendation thru LinkedIn which I posted to my LinkedIn account bringing tears to my eyes and also a good laugh at the same time.

Do we all take time out of our busy schedules to really say “THANKS” to all who have driven us in one way or another.  Take a moment and give a heart-felt recommendation to those people in business who are an inspiration or grab a box of Thank You cards to send out to your clients big or small who are equally important.

God has blessed me in my associations with people like Ant Pruitt, David Bell with Syndicated Services, Matt Ward with inConcert Web Solutions, BNI Twin Rivers chapter – brothers and sisters, just for starters my list goes for several miles.

Givers Gain is a BNI philosophy on giving and recieving referrals, which helps you be a stronger person and friend to all you meet.  The gain is a daily “Thanksgiving” of how you have achieved your goals and a knowing that you can accomplish climbing any mountain by doing all from your heart.

So stop and say a little prayer of thanks to God for all things big and small – it surely can’t hurt!